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untitled by jollygoo on Flickr.

Best Answer Kapag Mag-aabot ng Pamasahe sa JEEP





Manong: San galing ang 20?

Pasahero: Manong, wag niyo kong husgahan please. Ang perang yan ay hindi galing sa gobyerno.



Manong: San yung bente?

Pasahero: Ano? Kaaabot ko lang nawala agad yung bente ko?!



" You’d lose your mind trying to understand mine. "

" Bad things happen everyday but you’re not going to be any happier thinking about them. So I don’t think about them. "

- Lana Del Rey (via fauhxy)

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Since everybody liked our “Love” animation so much we decided to create an art print. Hope you like it and if you want you can buy it here.

" Dear God, if one day I lose my hope and purpose, give me confidence that your destiny is better than anything I ever dreamed. "

- ihquotees

" Your dream doesn’t have an expiration date. Take a deep breath and try again. "

- Unknown  (via truthe)

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